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Hi all, I made a trip to the junkyard today and found myself the Chevy 8.5in rear for the s10 in a 2wd. I took the axle but it also had the 3rd shock in the back for the anti hop it looks like. I left the bracket on the truck, but I’m considering going back for it if it’s worth the time/money to install on my truck. Does it help that much for wheel hop? Does it affect handling at all?
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Go back!!!!!!!!
That's the most expensive part
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you are both right...
probably the combo of the shock and the mass/area of the 285-40-17 tire will reduce hop to nearly unnoticeable levels
'hop' would be measured by a length and a time... bigger tire and extra shock will reduce both measurements... as would 100lbs placed both in the bed and over the axle

i wonder how much better it does in rain/ice/snow. my xtreme doesnt have the shock and ive never driven one that did. i would guess its a useful upgrade for most if you stumble across one for a reasonable amount

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I’m hoping I can find a steering stabilizer that fits. That seems to be the next best thing from what I’ve been reading
Have you searched the threads here? They may be closed, but still have the info you want. I don't think a steering stabilizer would be enough.
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