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Another Old Guys DD

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I decided it was time to start a build thread. I have been hanging around here for years. I'm not one to be able to contribute but have learned a lot from the group. This is my third s10 I've had a 83 Jimmy and a 89 Jimmy prior to the 2002 Blazer. Lots of little changes made over the years.
  • ZQ8 wheels salvaged from a yard completely redone.
  • Android head unit with blue tooth and backup camera.
  • Envoy door panels and handels.
  • Envoy console
  • Gauge cluster change.
  • LED light total replacement.
  • 4 door leather seats with heat.
  • SS mirrors with turn indicator and heat.
  • Replace rag joint with Flaming River joint
  • Hood struts
Now the next part a LS swap. I looked for a LM4 so I could keep the weight down and found one about an hour away. The salvage yard was to busy to pull it so they sold me what you see. A 2003 Envoy XL. The wire harness was cut when the pulled the transmission and it was missing the alternator. Truck was rolled but they assured me that still ran.
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I would also carefully remove the paint (with thinner, not sand paper) from the coils where the boots go as to prevent any potential electrical path due to the carbon in the paint.

FWIW, anodizing is not typically a good idea for castings as it takes color somewhat unevenly, unless you plan to extensively smooth the surface via polishing/metal finishing first. Also, the color fades over time due to heat & UV light... we will not even get into cost.

If you want good advice, powder coating is the way to go, but it is hard to compete with 2 cans of paint for less than $20, so I think you took the correct path.
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Just because people give you other options/opinions, isn't a reason to get all sensitive-like. Why else would you be posting on a public forum?
I think it is more like the guy appreciates help & suggestions, but unfortunately, I've noticed most of your posts imply what others did wrong & how they should have done it better.
It generally takes more effort to help someone than to criticize with a 1 line response.

Public automotive forums are not meant to be a contest of wealth, aptitude or to elevate ones social dominance.
People post to contribute & participate in a common interest, not to expose themselves to ridicule & criticism.
If you can help, please do, if you don't like what you see move on.

Feel free to start a new thread of your build & show us the standard we should strive to meet.
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Engine is looking good.
If you want anything for the heads, you can dust on a light coat of Cast Coat Aluminum by Duplicolor.
It helps to hold back the oxidation/chalkiness that tends to form on the bare castings.
Just a light coat, like overspray... too heavy & it looks like metallic silver paint.
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