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I decided it was time to start a build thread. I have been hanging around here for years. I'm not one to be able to contribute but have learned a lot from the group. This is my third s10 I've had a 83 Jimmy and a 89 Jimmy prior to the 2002 Blazer. Lots of little changes made over the years.
  • ZQ8 wheels salvaged from a yard completely redone.
  • Android head unit with blue tooth and backup camera.
  • Envoy door panels and handels.
  • Envoy console
  • Gauge cluster change.
  • LED light total replacement.
  • 4 door leather seats with heat.
  • SS mirrors with turn indicator and heat.
  • Replace rag joint with Flaming River joint
  • Hood struts
Now the next part a LS swap. I looked for a LM4 so I could keep the weight down and found one about an hour away. The salvage yard was to busy to pull it so they sold me what you see. A 2003 Envoy XL. The wire harness was cut when the pulled the transmission and it was missing the alternator. Truck was rolled but they assured me that still ran.
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Here's my problem or curse. I am a custom furniture builder making high end furniture for people who make a lot more money than I do. I do inlays, carvings, veneers with high end exotic woods. So naturally I would want to put my own touches on my project. I am not a mechanic but have at one time in my life built and raced stock cars most builds with scavenged parts, building engines, welding roll cages and so on. My build will not be a just another LS in a S10. I hope I live long enough to make this happen. I'll make and have made mistakes along the way and appreciate all the help I have received. I ask questions that some time are ridicules. I am buttoning up the engine and will post photos Monday. Again it will not be everyone choice but it will be mine.
I like what you did with your valve covers and I would have done the same or powder-coated them if I was going for that kind of look. Since I have the Corvette coil covers I don't need to make mine fancy though. ;)

I wish you were close to me as I need some custom work done to repair my coffee table top after my pup chewed on it. I do some wood work and refinishing but I don't have the stuff to build a whole new tabletop. :(
Just because people give you other options/opinions, isn't a reason to get all sensitive-like. Why else would you be posting on a public forum?
Did he ask for options or other ideas?
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If I want help or suggestions I ask otherwise I just post progress on my projects for others to look at but not to tell me how I should have done it.
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Another trick for keeping metal from where you don't want it when drilling is grease on the drill bit for future projects. (y)
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You definitely have style! :cool:
Thanks! I have been working on this for over a year. Asking all kinds of questions looking over all the threads and trying to gleam some knowledge. I have a couple of other ideas that I hope work as far as design. Now I need to put the engine and transmission in my blazer up for sale. Hope to get enough to help pay for the transmission build. Found that most builders in this area will not do "bench" builds. I found one about 70 miles away that will do a rebuild with upgrade parts.
That is one of my issues right now as well, I need to find a trans guy for my build.
Take a road trip and go see @Tranzman.
That is what I have been thinking about myself.
Good one! :)
Blue and red are my favorite car and truck colors.

Blue Fluid Tool Liquid Gas

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Truck
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