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I decided it was time to start a build thread. I have been hanging around here for years. I'm not one to be able to contribute but have learned a lot from the group. This is my third s10 I've had a 83 Jimmy and a 89 Jimmy prior to the 2002 Blazer. Lots of little changes made over the years.
  • ZQ8 wheels salvaged from a yard completely redone.
  • Android head unit with blue tooth and backup camera.
  • Envoy door panels and handels.
  • Envoy console
  • Gauge cluster change.
  • LED light total replacement.
  • 4 door leather seats with heat.
  • SS mirrors with turn indicator and heat.
  • Replace rag joint with Flaming River joint
  • Hood struts
Now the next part a LS swap. I looked for a LM4 so I could keep the weight down and found one about an hour away. The salvage yard was to busy to pull it so they sold me what you see. A 2003 Envoy XL. The wire harness was cut when the pulled the transmission and it was missing the alternator. Truck was rolled but they assured me that still ran.
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Hope someone can help me out on what gear ratio I have. The RPO codes show both GU6 and G75 View attachment 348707 View attachment 348707



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Rad support rework to except 1989 1 3/8" radiator. I used the stock upper mounts in the top of the support after removing the second layer of material. The drivers side was cut for width and then a new patch panel pop riveted back in. The hood bracket is made from two brackets welded together. The condenser is a Ebay and Vintage air U-Ben_Em lines. The wiring harness is actually a harness sold on Ebay that I had to rework. The fans are 2005 Malibu fans that fit great just like @Tranzman said.. I used the top radiator shroud to hold the fans in against the radiator and on the bottom a bracket to hold the fans tight against the radiator. The trans cooler is from a 3500 truck that I flushed I used the stock mounting bracket rework and a bracket from a Cadillac for the bottom portion. View attachment 350037 View attachment 350038 View attachment 350039
Why didn't you use weather proof relays? Here's the link to the weather sealed relays I used.
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I bought the relays from Ebay as a made up set with fan connectors and wires.I didn't relies the relays were not sealed.So yes I could of scrap the relays and bougt new and repined but since I already had the setup I decided to just put them in a sealed box.
View attachment 356290
Okay I see. The company that makes them over in China I'm sure their cost is only a few cents more to use weather proof but they're too much of a penny pincher to do that. But that's just me. being in the car audio and video & security field for the last 35 + years I would spend the extra few pennies then make sure the customer didn't come back. Especially if they live in the snow that salt will eat those relays terminals up in a quickness.
I made my own relay harness and I put the weather proof relays right behind the under hood fuse box. And grab power right off the extra stud in the fuse box which is already fused.
Motor vehicle Audio equipment Office supplies Bumper Gas

Motor vehicle Hood Bumper Automotive tire Automotive exterior
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Had some time on my hands waiting for the engine work so I work over the valve covers and coils brackets. I shaved the two unused lower studs off of the valve covers and removed a lot of metal from the coil brackets.
View attachment 360954 View attachment 360955
I would take those freshly painted valve covers and coil brackets and bake them in the oven at 250° for about 2 hours that will harden the paint and make it last longer. Do not go over 250° or it will give the paint a brown tent to it.
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I used a paint designed for this application Metalcast Anodized Automotive Paint Personally I like it the way it turned out.
If what you did to your valve covers and coil brackets is how you want it done run with it. In the end it's your vehicle and your choice. Everyone has their own taste on what they want things to look like and not everybody agrees on everybody else's taste.
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Engine is finished up some photos. The engine cover did not have a bracket so I made one out of PVC

View attachment 361106 View attachment 361107 View attachment 361108 View attachment 361109 View attachment 361110
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Good one! :)
New Theme Song 😇
While I wait for my transmission build I picked up some needed parts.
pull a part bargains
Battery cables Express 3500 6.0 recommended by @Harley Trans dipstick and tube.
View attachment 361688 View attachment 361689
To get the grease out of that ground strap mix Dawn 4X with simple Green and soak it in the hottest water you have for a while then use a brush and give it a light scrub and it will pull the grease right out of it.
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