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Another Old Guys DD

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I decided it was time to start a build thread. I have been hanging around here for years. I'm not one to be able to contribute but have learned a lot from the group. This is my third s10 I've had a 83 Jimmy and a 89 Jimmy prior to the 2002 Blazer. Lots of little changes made over the years.
  • ZQ8 wheels salvaged from a yard completely redone.
  • Android head unit with blue tooth and backup camera.
  • Envoy door panels and handels.
  • Envoy console
  • Gauge cluster change.
  • LED light total replacement.
  • 4 door leather seats with heat.
  • SS mirrors with turn indicator and heat.
  • Replace rag joint with Flaming River joint
  • Hood struts
Now the next part a LS swap. I looked for a LM4 so I could keep the weight down and found one about an hour away. The salvage yard was to busy to pull it so they sold me what you see. A 2003 Envoy XL. The wire harness was cut when the pulled the transmission and it was missing the alternator. Truck was rolled but they assured me that still ran.
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@remops I like your covers. I used Metalcast Red on my valve covers and will use it to finish my air intake as well.

Did you do any kind of prep to the valve covers? I simply sanded, degreased, and painted. It has flaked off after sitting for a few years. I’m told that for best results you need to heat the aluminum to get the moisture out. A self etching primer may have helped too. IDK, I’m not a paint guy.
I hope you have great long term results. I was thinking of removing the unused bosses, painting all the brackets and stainless hardware, but that’s way down on my list at this point.

I hear you with those flash windows. I experienced that last summer rattle canning some tractor wheels. I ended up with a wrinkle finish that needed to be sanded off.
Congrats. I’m hoping to hear mine fire in a couple months.
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