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Another Old Guys DD

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I decided it was time to start a build thread. I have been hanging around here for years. I'm not one to be able to contribute but have learned a lot from the group. This is my third s10 I've had a 83 Jimmy and a 89 Jimmy prior to the 2002 Blazer. Lots of little changes made over the years.
  • ZQ8 wheels salvaged from a yard completely redone.
  • Android head unit with blue tooth and backup camera.
  • Envoy door panels and handels.
  • Envoy console
  • Gauge cluster change.
  • LED light total replacement.
  • 4 door leather seats with heat.
  • SS mirrors with turn indicator and heat.
  • Replace rag joint with Flaming River joint
  • Hood struts
Now the next part a LS swap. I looked for a LM4 so I could keep the weight down and found one about an hour away. The salvage yard was to busy to pull it so they sold me what you see. A 2003 Envoy XL. The wire harness was cut when the pulled the transmission and it was missing the alternator. Truck was rolled but they assured me that still ran.
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My neighbor looks on an Marine vet keeping a eye on my work. That's his yard next door. Loves the jags and RR's. I'm a professional woodworker where he is retired military mechanic.

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Nice looking blazer! You can get a big boost in hp with a simple cam change if you want too. I went with a LS3 for my L33 with LS6 intake. As an old guy myself with limited facilities I went with the Holley accessary kit and the Hummer oil pan, makes things a lot quicker and simpler! Keep us posted with plenty of pics!
I was looking for a stock cam and found this article.LS Cam Test Comparison - Car Craft Magazine

I decided to look for a LQ9 cam and found one on FB marketplace. Brand new pulled from a crate motor. It came with the stock push rods and BTR valve seals all for $25.00.
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Parts so far


@Harley mounts


L3 waterpump I have refabed the stock truck bracket to make this work with add a ICB tensioner
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Not sure how I managed to post double photos. I have more parts on the way and I will be using a refabed 95 truck a/c bracket for the my R4 a/c compressor.
Haha the barrel I'm putting away is the "while I'm in there" That's the one that gets expensive. I found that out in remodeling.
Good looking Blazer. Between Indigo Blue and the Green, those are my favorite.
Hope someone can help me out on what gear ratio I have. The RPO codes show both GU6 and G75
Font Paper Publication Monochrome
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Spent the morning at LKQ looking for parts needed inner fenders for wife's odessy and under engine cover. This was a no find but I did score this 2001 Grand AM fan and radiator. Thanks to @Harley I will be doing a pressurized system. I didn't pull the expansion tank and may go back but I would like to find something a little more compact. The radiator and fan removes from the bottom found this out after struggling to get it out the top:rolleyes:
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Beautiful truck I would love to have a build even a little close to yours. I hope that here in Memphis on a hot day it will work as well as yours. @Harley did share his A/C condenser bracket drawing with me. Now this fit inside your support without cutting into the side supports? Do you have a shot of how you secured the top I'm assuming that you used the Grand Am rubber mounts with the Harley lower support. Also did you use the CPW hoodlatch bracket?
As for you coolant recovery/expansion tank...A unit from a Cobalt is about as small as they get...

View attachment 348722
I can't believe I missed that. I have seen it many times on your posts. I'll be pulling a cobalt tank soon:) I know Harley made a mount for that and the PCM. I'll have to try my skills on a fab. Thanks
BTW...I need to know when you won't be home...I think I need that center console... :rolleyes:
That console is made up from three different pullapart trucks and I still need a part for the cup holder. 1998-2000 envoy the jimmy model the one that we all got the chrome door handles from. At one time you could find a few but that has dried up. I have an alarm :)
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I used the Grand Am radiator mounts. The uppers come with a larger metal bracket, but I trim the metal down to about the size of the rubber isolator. I did this on my Blazer too. Makes for a really nice compact isolator/mount.

I don't remember having to trim much if anything to fit the width of the radiator on @Rhotpursuit truck. I cut out the whole bottom in between the frame mounts, but tried to leave enough at the front of the core support to maintain some rigidity. The lower piece bolts in with the core support for a nice package. At the top I had to build a couple stands to reach down far enough to hold the radiator in place. It worked out better than how I did my Blazer when it was all said and done.

I did have to relocate the airbag sensors as they are attached to the bottom of the core support. I didn't take it into account at first, but they could be adapted into the new lower piece. I ended up building a couple mounts and welded them to the inside of the frame on each side, but getting a rivet gone inside the mounts to attach the sensors was a bit of a challenge too. Food for thought when making your own modifications for the radiator.
What you are saying all makes sense after pulling the radiator and seeing how it was built. I have the bottom part that holds the radiator in place and the top brackets with bushings. I may pull a radiator support and work on it before I pull the 4.3. That way I'll have a lot of work done.
Just checked there are several donors in the yard $35.00 well worth the time savings.
@Harley don't forget if you find a console i want it. I'll give @Rhotpursuit what I don't need:p
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@Harley @Rhotpursuit I measured the core thickness 5/8" that seems real thin. I went through rockauto to check to see if different engines in that year and others had a thicker core. They all are at 5/8". Interesting the Cavalier is shown as 7/8" and just a little narrower but has the trans cooler lines on the other side. You guys have said that it works well so I went with it and I'm sure that it would but DD in Memphis it may not.:)

So I just now checked Ebay. A replacement Grand Am 2 core all aluminum 2" thick for $115.00.It's the last one. I decided to order it just a little concerned about cooling here in Memphis. I'll use the fan setup. I paid LKQ $63.30 for the radiator and I will be returning it so this looks to be a good buy. I also added the Square trade for $14.00. The parts canon is still firing. OhMy
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I had buyer remorse when I looked at what I paid for the used radiator. If I didn't pay so much I would have tried it out but finding the new thicker core radiator I had to go that way.
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