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aluminum driveshaft/ single piece

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this is for all of you ext cab guys who want an one piece driveshaft or for you standard cab guys who want to switch to aluminum. While i was in the process of building my truck i want to ditch the 2 piece shaft and put in a single piece steel. While i was thinking about this i found out that newer 2500 chevy pickups come with 4" aluminum driveshafts. for $50 i went and took one out of one in a junkyard. The driveshaft is about 68 1/2" long and will have to be cut down for almost everbody. I had to take 4" off mine. I just wanted to let everyone know that if you want to change to a single piece or upgrade you can pull one out of this truck and have it shortened for a few bucks. The rear U joint fits both the 8.5 and 7.5, the only thing you will have to do is have the tranny yokes changed. These shafts are strong with all welded joints (some have crimped ends)
Just wanted to let everyone know. Pm me if you have any questions.
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Okay, this seems like the right place to get some history lessons about drive shaft swaps.
I have a '98 s-10 v6 extended cab 2WD. The drivetrain needs work, u-joints replaced and all that. I went to a shop that does nothing but supension, steering and driveshafts. The truck is stock, and I have no plans to alter the ride height or engine. I am, however, wanting to change the drive shaft from the double cardan triple u-joint to a simpler single shaft. Steel, 3 or so inches in diameter, with greasable u-joints. I want this truck to outlast me. I don't expect any several thousand miles roadtrips anytime soon, and I rarely put over 200 miles on it in a month. I will rent or borrow a bigger truck if I need to haul a half-ton of anything.
I went over all this with the guy who is going to do the work. Replacing the whole length of the driveshaft won't cost me any more than fixing the back end of the current drive shaft, and it seems like simpler beats out complex on something like this. He is comfortable making the change, but he'll do either.
So, is there anybody out there who has made this very same swap and can speak from first-hand experience on what the pros and cons are? Most of the posts I find here go back a while, and no one seems to update with glee or despair after having swapped and lived with it for awhile. Whatever I'm going to do is going to happen in the next couple of weeks. I'd like to not be second and triple-guessing along the way.
So, anyone..?
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As i posted about. I ran a single shaft in my one s10 for thousands of miles and many many passes at the dragstrip without any problems. I also replace the rear half of extended cab driveshafts with the cardine joint. The front u joint is a normal joint its the middle and back that are the cardine joints. both ways i had no problems with just pick which way you want to go. If you do a single shaft and plan to lower or haul heavy loads with a extended cab truck you will have to notch the floor.
For your direct and prompt answer, I thank you.
You are now "Sir ZeroGravity58."
To me, anyway. :word:
glad im not the only one who sees this. Im looking for a straight answer my self with at least 96 and above trucks.
I'm doing a follow-up here. I had the double driveshaft replaced with a new single 3 inch steel drive shaft. It's just right! At highway speeds (and, ahem, above) there is just smooth sailing. :tup:

The guy who did the work is so precise that there is no noise or vibration, at all, and the clearances are fine. I'm very pleased. By eliminating the need for dynamic balancing by getting it right the first time, we've also eliminated any risk (probably very remote risk) of a balancing weight falling off and having a real big problem.

This cost no more to have done than a repair of the rear shaft, and having fewer parts to wear out puts my mind at ease.

I don't know, but it would be my guess, that the vibrations needing correcting were the result of a too-small diameter driveshaft put on at the factory.

If anything bad happens, I'll quickly let you guys know.
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