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aluminum driveshaft/ single piece

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this is for all of you ext cab guys who want an one piece driveshaft or for you standard cab guys who want to switch to aluminum. While i was in the process of building my truck i want to ditch the 2 piece shaft and put in a single piece steel. While i was thinking about this i found out that newer 2500 chevy pickups come with 4" aluminum driveshafts. for $50 i went and took one out of one in a junkyard. The driveshaft is about 68 1/2" long and will have to be cut down for almost everbody. I had to take 4" off mine. I just wanted to let everyone know that if you want to change to a single piece or upgrade you can pull one out of this truck and have it shortened for a few bucks. The rear U joint fits both the 8.5 and 7.5, the only thing you will have to do is have the tranny yokes changed. These shafts are strong with all welded joints (some have crimped ends)
Just wanted to let everyone know. Pm me if you have any questions.
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I was at a local salvage yard this afternoon and stumbled across 3 carbon fiber driveshafts. One of the workers there checked and said they were from a 94 GMC but didn't know what model. The shafts were 63" center to center and 4" diameter (roughtly 13" circumference). I didn't ask for a price since I needed a longer driveshaft for my 94 S10 project. Just hated to see them laying there not being used......
i saw that on craiglist once posted as an carbon fiber drive shaft...naww bro its a dampning material that makes it look cf. I lost touch with this post and gave up. 96 and above ds in a xtra cab 2wd is around 67. Aluminum from a long bed s10 is around 62 -64 depending on whut person is selling it on ebay. It might work on the older s 10s with the 4.3 and older nv1500s. But not for the 3500 nv with 96 above motors with out adding material. I dont know where ppl are getting the ideas, but they need to stop or prove the savings on making one for the NEWER S10s.
Whatever it was made from it was definitely lighter than the aluminum Aerostar driveshaft I was holding in my other hand. Don't think the length is right to replace my 2 piece in my ext cab S10 which is why I picked up an aluminum F-150.
do the Ford splines and rear connecter have to be removed/replaced to make work?
Yes. The Ford DS I picked up is 4" in diameter and uses 1350 u-joints. I've removed the Ford yokes and will be using 1330-1350 conversion (or combination) u-joints (such as the Spicer 50648x) to be able to use the 4L60E yoke and to connect the ds to the rearend.

On a side note I had an Aerostar DS shortened, balanced and new u-joints installed today and it cost me $128 total. The DS cost me $60 so I have a grand total of $188 in it. I expect to have slightly more than that tied up in the ds for my S10 when its all said and done but I still think it'll be less than $200.
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