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Alice Hombre

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For a backstory, one of my junior soldiers had a pos s10 blazer her wanted to get rid of because he just picked up an equally pos’d infinity. So I told him I’d take the blazer and in trade id ‘semi-gloss black’ his infinity to make it look better.

Long story short, I tinted all the infinity lights, sanded the car down, did some small body work, and sprayed on a few coats of semi-gloss black. The car looked pretty slick, I probably have a picture somewhere on my hard drive ill post up for reference.

I lost money on it, but I made a young soldier happy and to me that’s all that matters in the grand scheme of things.

So now I had a beat 4 door 2001 blazer.

Second part of this story is a friend says some guy on craigslist or facebook ads has a hombre they want to trade. I show him the blazer, tell him of its faults, but he is happy since the truck is too small. I reiterate the blazer is a pos, and still he says he is fine with it.

I load the blazer on the trailer, and head over and we swap titles. The guy didn’t tell me the axle in the hombre was toast, and a replacement junk yard piece was in the bed. This was fine by me, but I told him all about the blazer, and didn’t get that vital info back from him.

Anyways, I start and drive the hombre on the trailer, tie her all down and head home. The next day I check out the truck in the sunlight. The body was nearly perfect. A few dings here and there. Interior was what you’d expect for a nearly 25 year old throw away truck. The previous owner’s mom was driving the truck back and forth to work with cold AC. When the rear axle went out, she upgraded and the hombre just sat as an eye sore.

Anyways, it had a new clutch, new cylinder head, new battery, so in my opinion I was happy, as my job was about an hour away in rush hour traffic, so this little thing toted my big @ss to and from work with about 30 MPGs and nice cold AC.

A new set of seats out of a 2018 toyota got fabb’d in the truck, a nice custom behind the seat box that held a 10inch shallow fosgate woofer, and 2 amps, one for the woofer, and one for the mid/tweet combo in the doors and dash. So not only was I getting decent fuel mileage I could watch jenna jameson do her thing on the way and back from work on my double din head unit, and pumpin some good tunes at a respectable sound level.

That lasted about 7 months before the head gasket went out. Luckily the man above was watching me that day, because as soon as I felt the motor lock up, the freeway opened in such a way that I was able to cruise from the far left lane all the way across the freeway to a dirt section and not cause any hiccups or accidents or middle fingers thrown at me.

There I sat, called a few buddies and before I knew it, I was getting tugged home by a buddy who was laughing at the idea his ford was towing a Chevy home. Which I reminded him it was an Isuzu.

For the next 3 months or so I drove my balzer to work, which is fun in its right. The blazer has a custom chassis, and sits pretty low and tucks the 33x22 mickey T’s pretty far up inside the fender wells.. One day I though I'm not putting a dime into a 4cyl 2.2 engine. It already tossed a head gasket once, so I called a customer and asked to use his ‘core’ for my build. Next thing I am ordering swap parts to get this truck 5.3 bolted into the chassis. Once I was satisfied, or umm not really satisfied with how things fit after I mocked up the engine/rad/fans I decided to move the firewall back 3 inches for more overall clearances on everything under the hood.

Well, I'm a bit long winded here, so, in a nutshell, I’ve got about 8-10k miles on the truck now, and have started detailing some of the things I didn’t do in the first stages of test fitting and mock up. Then I left to do my service overseas. My truck is sitting at a buddy’s house, and plenty of more work is being done to it. For those whom ask, I'm 45 years old, and am an OG in the minitruck world. So, yes, I have that crap in my blood, and being an all makes, models, gear head, I tend to spend way too much money on vehicles. Sh*t, I've spent most my life possessed by the Demon Tweak, chasing horsepower and or parts for making stuff that eventually turns into horsepower. (demon tweak was a term hotrod magazine used in the 90s and it’s always stuck with me)

Enough with the BS, I’ll post up some pictures now.

It takes forever, because of where I'm at and internet speeds here rival dial up speeds of when I had a Commodore 64 as a kid..
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Remember, stock axles break as soon as you mention a v8 swap...

Well...if you don't drive it like you stole it...at least until you upgrade the rear...
...going to bring Alice home today. I haven't seen 'her' in almost exactly one year. So much to do, but i need to take things one day at a time.
Waiting patiently for pics...
It's always the rear tires... 😂 😂
If it weren't for bad luck....
Oh nooooo!! Glad you're ok.
will see if there is any real world difference, or if theyre strictly a track only type of improvement
I'm guessing they'd work well on the street. Nice to see some style when it comes to brakes.
I don't know why some shops have such an aversion to doing an alignment on a lowered truck. I had a shop tell me that it couldn't be done, but they'd be happy to give it a shot at $125 per hour...might take 2 hours...no thank you. the only reason I went there is my local Les Schwab was booked out for a few days. I waited...$90 and an hour later I was out the door.
Almost looks like the bracket needs a spacer, but that would put the bracket up against the rotor.
Temps are dropping...no excuse... 😂 😂
i know... ive got a core support repair on a fusion, candy and flake on a roof of a cadi, a new LS crate got dropped off for the lifted silverado, and a C1 just got dropped off for body work and full primer.
Well....in that case... 😂 😂
I'm going to have to see that in person sometime.
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I guess it was a good thing I wasn't feeling well.. 😂. Eventually we'll make it to the same show. It wasn't drizzle here....it started out angry and stayed that way until about an hour ago. The water is up about 4" in the pool.

Water Road surface Asphalt Liquid Tar
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Hail or wind??....pretty sure is wasn't snow overload...
Roof looks great...one day job? Paint has really gone up the last couple of years. Ln the bright side, I saw gas locally for $2.97.
Looks like it was a fun trip....and the weather cooperated....someday... :rolleyes:
So...how do the lights work at night?? Pretty bright?
It’s always something…🙄
so for the past few weeks i have been having an intermittent no start conmdtion.
thought maybe the fuel pump was going out.
tonight we poulled the bed, and i had no power at the pump.
i started tracing the fuel pump power wire back to the fuse box and it seemed fine. Tested fuse and realy, and both seemed fine.
Removed relay and moved it into another spot and was had power at the pump, and was able to start the truck.
Im thinking either i have a couple bad realys that i have been playing russian roulette with, or i have a bad connection in the fuse box bewteen the relay and fuse.
But, im glad we pulled the bed, as i need to do some work under there that i couldnt do from underneath.
I need a wiring diagram for the stock 1995 fuel pump module. there are two plugs on it, and i need to know what colors are what for those plugs.
@oldeerslayer might have diagrams..
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