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Aftermarket seats for 2002 Xtreme

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I recently bought my Chevy S10 Xtreme and it came with different seats installed. These seats are too high and they don't slid back far enough. I want to sit lower in the truck and have enough room to get comfortable because I'm 6'4". I was hoping to hear some of your ideas on aftermarket seats Vs finding the stalk seats. I want be sure the seats I buy will fit properly in the truck. Any info or recommendation would be helpful!

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Stock seats will work out fine for you, I had a ‘97 regular cab with the 60-40 bench and being not quite 6’6 I fit reasonably well and comfortable. Just don’t wear any hats.
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I should note that I had a 1st gen regular cab that had the bucket seats and it was miserable, with the seat where we need it I was at about a 93* angle. The bench in my 2nd gen was a big improvement.
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