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Advice Needed - Will these ZQ8 Wheels Fit my S10?

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Hi all,

This is my first post here and in all honesty I'm pretty green when it comes to just about everything mechanical (so go easy on me please.) However, I figured joining a forum like this with a lot of knowledgable individuals would be a good place to gain some knowledge of my own surrounding my truck.

I have a '98 S10 with the 4.3L, 4x4. The wheels are pretty rough on it and I was hoping to get a new set of wheels for it but didn't want to go aftermarket.

I love the look of these specific ZQ8's (below), but have been reading mixed reports on whether they'd fit my truck. I'm seeing that there could be maintenance required due to hub sizing but then also have read that these particular wheels only fit a 2WD and would stick out a couple inches from the wheel well on a 4x4.

Honestly, I'm just hoping to get a definitive answer on whether I should even buy a set of these or if I need to go a different avenue. Looking forward to reading your replies, appreciate you all for your time. See below for a picture of the wheels.

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What you need are a set of ZR5 wheels. They are both stock fit for a 4wd and good looking. And you won't have to buy all new 16" tires that the ZQ8 wheels require and fender flares. The total cost for the ZQ8's with tires and flares will be a lot more $.
The ZR5's just need you to slap your tires on em. Be sure they include center caps with either style wheels. Those can be very expensive separately for either style.
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