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I recieved the SS style hood I bought from Advantage Fiberglass to replace the stock hood because of hail damage.
I have to say I'm very impressed, there is nothing cheap about it, it's very high quality pre fitted hoods.
And when he says SS style he means SS style, it looks just like the SS hood on Camaro's.It's nothing like the 500.00 Cervini's SS style hoods.

So if anybody is in the market for an fiberglass cowl, or SS Style hood and at a more affordable price you might want to check this guy out.

I was some what reluctant to buy from them, but when you have the bodyshop owner come up to you say " you got your money's worth bud, that's one of the best looking hoods I've seen come in here" It sure made me feel a lot better about my investment.

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