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Addictive Desires was created by S-Series fans for S-Series vehicles in particular, but after much thought we decided it would be nice to include ALL makes and models of mini-trucks; These models include Ford, Nissan, Mazda, Isuzu, and any others. THERE WILL BE NO IMPORT CARS ALLOWED IN ADDICTIVE DESIRES, They may hang with us, but they will NOT be granted membership. If they start to screw around, they will be asked to leave and not return

Addictive Desires gained their name due to most mini-truckers becoming ADDICTED to modifying/fixing/owning/showing their mini-truck, and the DESIRE to keep going with more and more, grows day by day.

Addictive Desires is a National Truck Club, we will allow you to join if you live in another state or canada.

If you wish to join, either post a thread in the Addictive Desires club section, PM JCHARGU3, or email [email protected]

Addictive Desires currently has two chapters.
Brandon/Tampa Florida - Founding Chapter - President Jon (JCHARGU3)
Cocoa/Cocoa Beach Florida - Core Chapter - President Timmy (Scrapin S15)

Orlando/Kissimmee Florida - Core Chapter - President Un Announced

There will be no other members listed at the moment due to our acceptance rules.

Vehicle Rules
1. Vehicles Suspension MUST be modified in some way
2. Vehicle MUST HAVE GOOD BRAKES (We do not want a dangerous truck in a line)
3. No Weaving in and out of traffic during meets/cruises
4. No flashing of lights to "be cool" during cruises, Only flash lights if there is a problem (Strobes are ok)

Meet Rules
1. You must attend a minimum of 3 meets to be considered a full-fledged member (Unless otherwise arranged by the president of your chapter) meets happen frequently so this should not be a problem
2. Do not be stupid, it will reflect back to the club as a whole (This means ALL chapters)
3. DRIVE SLOW IN CROWD - We will NOT have anyone hurt, if you fail to comply, please don't bother coming back. This includes all chapters.
4. Show up (no explanation needed)
5. Have fun!

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