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ok, i have wrecked my s10 as some of you may knwo because i posted pictures of it a few weeks back, anyway, i have began the process of getting it fixed, but i wanted to know how much th epaint job will be on each piece after i buy it...so here we go

1st off:
how much would it cost to get a front air dam from Prestigious1.com for my 98 s10 painted..

and also, the same question for a new front right fender...

ok thats that for that part

one more paint question....

i have seen alot of pictures of painted dash panels and stuff:
my friend used some ordinary paint to do his all white, and it does look good, just not as glossy as i would want..i want to pain my blue, and i wanted to know what kind of pain i need, and how much it would cost, and maybe how many coats and things like that...

i would really appreciate your knowledge, thanks alot guys

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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