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99 Sonoma LS project PRICE DROP $3200

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1999 GMC Sonoma regular cab stepside.

This is a project. I bought it with no drivetrain for an LS swap. I have probably $3000 -4000 worth of parts both on and off the truck. Complete LS swap in a box includes oil pan and pickup, headers, trans crossmember, engine mounts and more. Also have a direct fit harness built by Current Performance that runs the engine/trans and ties into the stock truck fuse box which allow you to run the rest of the factory stuff.

Cab has had any rust cut out and repaired and has been bed lined underneath and has sound deadner inside. All new front suspension, brakes and steering. New calipers, ABS sensors etc. New DJM 2" drop spindles. Rear has new bushings and shackles and 3" blocks.

New gas tank and aftermarket 255lph fuel pump in brand new fuel pump assembly. All -6 AN fittings, Corvette fuel filter/regulator and braided fuel hose to connect to LS fuel rail.

Has Xtreme wheels with almost brand new tires. Have most of 2 interiors, tan and gray. Manual doors and locks.

Truck is all apart but I can bolt most of it back together to be picked up. You MUST bring a trailer as this is nowhere close to driving.


$3200 for truck and ALL PARTS.....

couple pics
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Where would this need to be picked up from?
Pretty sure it's gone...thread is over a year old, and the op hasn't't been on in over a year either. You can PM him...but otherwise, this thread is closed.
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