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Let's start of by introducing my rig I got a 99 SAS chevy s10 blazer I recently blew up my 4.3L vortec. So you know what that means! V8 SWAP!馃馃徑 I went with 5.7 vortec out of a 99 k1500 suburban. I did do a overhaule on the 5.7 pretty much ready to slap in most of the wiring and pcm flashing is done. But i have a few questions before I do. the people that have done this on a 1999
1. I've read that you have to use the 5.7 knock sensor with a 45掳 elbow. And run a new wires from pcm knock. (that the 4.3 knock won't work) is that true??
2. Planing on keeping my A/C. What are my options for cooling
3. I was reading some where that I might need to separate the 02 grounds? Dose that apply for the 99?
4. Anything els I need to know before I put thing in?

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Look in the V8 section of the forum. This swap has been done many times and there's lots of info.

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I have a 01 s10 jacket 4x4 and was only inquisitive on how hard it is trade to a v8 vortec damnation even the tranny on the grounds that I realize the 4l80e is more grounded however essentially I was needing to remain with the creepy crawly fuel framework so I could simply discover a portion of those metal lines on a truck and stick back on mine so....if anyone has done this or know anything about it let me realize I realize the PC would require reflashing...but just somewhat runnin stuff through my head so any information is appreciated...not an undertaking at the present time yet definatley thinkin about it later on.
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First, make your own thread asking this "question".
Second, try punctuation, and full sentences. it is really hard to understand what you are trying to ask.
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