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So wiring a 1999, or similar, 4.3L CSFI aka Central (point) Sequential Fuel Injection motor seems almost impossible for us DIY'ers right? Well I think I can make the connections but what happens when I goto fire it up. Well that's why I'm posting before the swap.

It seems that making the simple swap may not be so simple. The factory PCM or VCM may need to be reprogrammed, and if so at what cost. I could definitly physically wire this up but what happens when I try and mate my transmission and crap to it?

The 4.3L came from a 1999 S-10 with a 2wd 4L60-e trans and Im dropping in a NV3500 4wd trans...what the heck do I wire up then? So many questions and no answers.

So what Im asking of you folks is to tell me.

A- Can I wire up my ne 4.3L from a Auto trans to a manual trans?
B- Do I need to have the PCM/VCM reprogrammed and at what cost?
C- Please give me any info on wiring, I have ALLDATA at my disposal.
D- don't tell me to buy the Howell or painless kits, buying premade kits is for guys who have lots of money to spend...and im not one of them, frankly im cheap and like to do this seemingly inpossible stuff. I will do it if I have to but by nature I dont want to spend the money.

Thanks in advance for any info. I hope to hear from someone.

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It's not imposiable, but you should have some auto electrical experiance to do it. If you buy it complete with the PCM and harness, you could just remove the excessive wiring. Ryan at S10warehouse sells them to the jeep guys for swaps, so its possiable to do. you should supply more info on your swap. If you're putting in something olded you might be better off getting an Edelbrok 2114 intake for it and running a carb. The PCM can be reflashed for stick shift, your local dealer could do it, if you gave him a VIN from a stick shift vehicle. You can find a VIN searching Ebay ads
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