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Shagster said:
My blazer won't pump out cold air. I checked to see if the compressor was spinning, but it wasn't. The clutch wasn't engaging. I am able to spin the plate. Also, I switched the horn fuse w/ the a/c fuse and the horn still worked. Beyond that I'm a little clueless.

I'm an aircraft mechanic, but know very little about cars. So I know what I'm doing with tools, but not cars.

I called a mechanic place and they said it probably needs to be recharged which made no sense to me. What does that have to do with the air compressor kicking on?

I was hoping for a link or some input on possible small fixes to trouble shoot this. Thanks.
There is a pressure guage that wont turn on the compressor if you don't have enough freon in the system. The reason for this is cause the 134a has oil in and if you run low you could burn up your compressor. Get a can of freon at auto zone with a guage to check it. Can always take it back if you dont need it.
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