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Just replaced the manifold pipe on my 98 2.2l. The pipe bolted right up, but the flexpipe on this Walker pipe is larger in diameter than the old pipe, and it is rubbing slightly against the edge of the upper a-frame.

The seller just replied to my email, and said to loosen the manifold bolts, grab the pipe, and put a little pressure on it to try and realign the pipe. I am not sure that will work, because I need it to bend right at the top at the flange or the top of the flexpipe.

After all the bruises and scratches I got installing the pipe, I would hate to have to pay a muffler shop to realign the pipe.

Should I try to force something between the pipe and the a-frame to dimple the flex-pipe just a little, or would that hurt the flexpipe?

How much clearance do I need between the pipe and the a-frame?

Thanks in advance.


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