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96 5-speed 4x4 Ext Cab S10 Part Out - Whole Truck

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Selling my 1996 Chevy S10 4x4 5-speed extended cab. It has a blown motor that I don't have the time or money to swap out.

Purple (Radar Blue) in color. Slight front end damage, but no damage to the frame. Perfect candidate for a 98+ swap.

Rust around the cab corners, wheel wells, bed, and doors. First picture is how it currently sits, minus tires.

Full album of pictures. Only change is the front end damage.

Shoot me an offer for anything. If you want specific pictures, let me know. You'll have to tow it away if you want the whole truck.
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Do you still have parts for sale? If so. How much for the Manual Trans, Computer, Shift linkage, pedal, and anything else needed for a manual conversion. I have a 95 4.3 4x4 S10 I would love to convert to a manual. I have the push button 4x4. Not sure if I would have to mod something or not.
Thank you.
I sent a pm on 9/5/13 never got a response for the rear slider window.
Bumping this up for the first time in a while. Looking for a 2/3 or more lowering kit and a few other things if you want to trade.

Located in Grand Rapids, MI, right now but willing to drive a little way to meet up.
Bumping this. Need to get rid of this stuff soon. Shoot me an offer on anything and we can work something out.
Bump it up. Shoot me an offer on anything. Anything left by the time winter hits is going to the scrap yard.
pm sent
Bump. Transmission, transfer case, center console, etc. sold.
Has truck went to scrap yard if not how much for the lower rear sections of the bedsides.i need some for filler panels for my blazer
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