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96-03 2WD 4.3 NV3500 5 Speed Trans

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I have a good used 5 speed removed from a 99 S10 2wd 4.3. It will come with the flywheel and clutch assembly and shifter assembly as well. The engine puked on the truck and it was parted out.

I'm asking 400 for everything and if your within an 8-10hr drive of Houston I'm willing to meet halfway to help with delivery, otherwise I could pack it up in a big plastic storage bin and ship via FedEx ground for about 125 depending on your location.

Any questions feel free to ask. I was gonna use the internals to have my stock Blazer ZR2 5 speed rebuilt but found a good 4wd version so no longer need this one.
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Wanted to update this, the truck puked the head gasket at 104K miles and found the head was cracked so it was pulled and parted out. I know a few people were looking for a good 2wd NV3500 so get a great deal here.

I am lowering the price to 350 plus shipping or I am still willing to meet half way.
Bump, nobody needs a good 5 speed?? If the labor didn't cost so much id use the guts from this one to fix my 4wd 5 speed, but i could buy a new rebuild trans for less, and im also working on getting the T56 behind the 4.3 instead.
I wish you were closer, I need this.
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Trans sold locally.
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