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95 S10 single cab LS Swap NV3500 5 Speed

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So I'm doing the LS swap, it's a 95 S10 with a 2.2l 5speed.. I know the transmission won't work I have in it now.. my question is what nv3500 would I need to keep the stock shifter location? I know there are 2 different shifter locations one more in the center of the transmission and the other more on the tail of the transmission on the NV3500S.. please help can't find much of anything on the topic of shifter location other than that the 95-97 were on the tail and 98-UP is in the center.. my nv1500 looks to be more in the center that's in it right now and it's a 95.. so would I need the newer model NV3500 or still run a 95-97 one??
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This is the weekly LS to NV3500 thread. 😄 Like clockwork.
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