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95 S10 4.3L 4 Wheel Issue!

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Hi, So i have a 1995 s10 with the 4.3 in it. Currently, it's in 4 Hi. Although, the truck's display (near shifter) says its in 2HI. When i go to put it into 4Hi, it goes into neutral. and than once i put it into neutral it goes into 4Low. Lastly, once i pull it to 4Low, it stays in 4 low. Basically, i cannot get it out of 4. Even if i shift all the way back 2Hi it will stay in 4Hi and do the same thing as discussed above. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If it makes a different its got the 5 Speed in it
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I know nothing about the manual transfer case,but, if it started after changing the driveshaft,it seems likely than linkage was bent or somehow altered during the shaft work-no? which takes us back to what ODS eluded to-.did you change the driveshaft youself? I'm assuming that you checked that it is indeed in the modes the display says its in...not just the display reading incorrectly?
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IIRC-my 95 blazer has a transfer case switch which sends vacuum to the diaphragm under the battery tray to engage the front axle and an actuator motor on the transfer case to shift it thru 2hi-4hi-4lo. seem to remember they do warn about clocking the actuator motor when it not installed? none the less this is all on an automatic tranny and nothing but buttons to push -so probably different than you are describing
this what I changed on mine a while back.Lots of good info on this site about the whole shabang
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