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Hey guys, I've got a 1995 S-10. It has a 2 or 3" body lift on it...well it had a huge heavy bumper on the front with integral brush guard that I guess was made for a truck with a body lift. There was no gap between the bumper and the body.

Well, my ex girlfriend wrecked the truck...didn't really hurt the bumper too much, but it looks awkward with 22" wheels. For the front-end, I ordered 2 new fenders, the SVO cowl induction hood, 98+ black grille and black projector headlights with black marker lights. I planned on re-using the bumper, but it doesn't look right.

Well, I decided to go with the factory 98+ bumper and valance, but I was just wondering what I'm going to need in order to bolt it to the truck with no gap. The factory brackets were bent in the wreck...the ones that are welded to the front of the frame. I can fix them, but I noticed on ebay that the ones that are on my truck are 94-97 only and 98+ has different brackets? I really don't understand...would be better if I had a 98+ to look at in person, but I don't. I was wondering just what, other than the bumper and valance, i'm going to need in order to do this the right way.

Also, I bought a set of black housing tail lights for the rear...the ones with the 2 bubbles...not a very good explanation, but. Anyway, I don't like the look of the factory rear bumper with these tail lights, so I decided to order a roll pan for it. Currently, there's no gap between the rear bumper and body, leading me to believe somebody put the brackets on it, but it doesn't look like a roll pan will clear the hitch since there's a body lift. The one I ordered has the hole for the hideaway hitch...like, flip down your license plate and it's there. Well, I know that idea isn't going to work with the lift, but am I going to need to move the hitch further back or will the roll pan clear the body of the hitch? I know the receiver will still be visible, but it looks like the structure of the hitch..framework...whatever you want to call it is going to be in the way of the curve of the roll pan.

If anybody could give me any advice I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks ahead of time.

Paul Groah
Eurotic Customs
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