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Lets try this again...
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Hey guys, Heres the thing. My girlfriend has been into S-10's since i started building mine a few years ago. So she wants to get one also. Well theres a guy locally thats selling one for practically nothing, few mods done to it, clean lookin truck. Its a 95 2.2 5speed. Now what i was wanting to do was get this, and swap an automatic in it. I've searched like crazy to find a thread on this but i havn't been able to. Was just wondering if anyone had any insight on what is all involved in this swap. The only things i can think of off the top of my head are:

* Transmission
* possibly new driveline from a truck with an automatic.
* possibly crossmember for an auto?
* swap flywheel for flexplate
* i wont bother with the guage cluster for the PRND21, she should know what gear shes in lol
* possible starter difference i believe
* Attach a detent cable
* Ill pull a brake pedal out of an auto and modify the hanger to move it away from the gas pedal some, then weld the wide pedal on. (simple fix)
* Maybe put an external trans cooler on if required, or just buy a radiator with the cooler lines
* Im thinkin its also going to need a new computer from an auto i would assume for the shift points and whatnot

* Now the only part that gets me is going to be the wiring.......would i be better off pulling a harness from an auto 2.2 OBD I truck and swapping them, or would it be much simpler to trace the wires and tap into whatever the auto tranny has as far as the VSS and such.

Anyways, any help on this topic would be very much appreciated. Very VERY much appreciated. (Its not often you get an s10 in pretty decent shape 'to my standards' for $900)

Thanks much guys.
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