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Hey everyone, I just recently found that I may have to pull my gas-eating, not alot of power having 4.3L and am beginning to think about putting a v8 in.

Here are the stats:

95 GMC Jimmy 4x4 4 door
4.3L CPI "W" engine
Electronic push-button 4x4

I would like to maintain as many creature comforts as possible, but the A/C doesn't work right now anyway. As for motors, I'm open to suggestions, but I should prob. stay with the fuel injection since I have the plumbing and pump for it. I personally think the new sbc that come in the tahoes/yukon xl/camaro pull pretty good. The 5.3 in my moms Yukon xl moves that big truck all right for not being revved past 2500 rpm. I assume the camaro/firebird LS1 are the same motor just aluminum?

I've been trying to do research and this is what I've found. If I put a 5.7L in, then there won't be as many problems. I can keep the trans/transfercase. the new motors have different bell housings, so I guess I would need the new transmission/transfercase out of them.

Then comes the problem of wiring. How do I maintain the push-button 4x4 and electronic trans? How much computer work is going to be needed to maintain this?

For the motors, would I save a lot of time/hassle/tears by staying with the older 5.7L. Should I get one out of a truck, or would the LT1's out of a camaro work. I've also heard that the new sbc (LS1) may require more frame modifications than a 5.7L.

If anyone would like to put there 2 cents in as to which motor/computer/trans combination would work the best, please let me know. I really like to analyse things deeply before I commit the time and money.

As yes, its the bastard year with the "W" CPI.

Just extremely curious, thanks!
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