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The heat in my 1995 S-10 just went out. The fan still blows air out, but it is not warm. I think it might have something to do with the heater core, but I have no clue as to how to fix anything with the heating A/C system.

Seeing as how I go to school in the UP, this is something I need to fix yesterday.

Any help or suggestions appreciated.


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Check coolant first and foremost
check and or replace thermostat
is the heatercore leaking? you ll see it all over the pass. side floor board
theres two hoses on the firewall that go into the heater core crank truck let it run and grab those hoses they should be equally warm after the truck warms up if they are then that core is prolly aight
if none of that works check your waterpump and see what kinda shapes its in, I pulled mine out of my 94 and there were no fins left on it and my heater didnt work and 3 shops in town couldnt figure out why

turned out to be a 30 dollar water pump
good luck and bundle up :)
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