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There is this guy here around town with his S10 dropped to the floor with air bags and 18's on it, but he thinks his truck is the fastest thing ever built. Well one night I finally caught him at a light and quickly revved him, he reved back, we took off from the line and even from a complete stop I took him by about 2 1/2 cars off the line and the rest was history. I wasted my gas on him for nothing and just to mess with him, I would step on the brake and when he would be catchin up, I would stomp it again.....I haven't lost to any other S10 around here even the time I raced a 2 Door Blazer with a 327, and I still beat him. I have gotten alot of compliments on my exhaust for sounding like a V8. But I also gotta say that the CPI years Vortecs have ba**s but you can expect them messing up sometimes. This is my second CPI injector unit on this truck. Just take care of these trucks cause they have alot of potential. Hopefully when I put my 3.73 gears, Hooker Headers, Electric Fan, Pullies, do a Stage III Port and Polish on the heads and get an MSD Ignition set up I can go down into the low 15's.... right now i'm hittin a 15.86 on the 1/4 mile with 3.42's, K&N Air Filter,40 Series Flowmaster Muffler with a "dump" and a 160 degree Hypertech Thermostat. So we'll see, hopefully by summer I will have it done, and this new job I might get at Auto Zone could help, but tomorrow I'm going out to Edinburg to the 1/4 mile to see what I will hit......so for now....take care guys....

1994 Chevrolet S10 Blazer 4 Door - Code W 4.3L Vortec H.O.
K&N Air Filter, 160 degree Hypertech thermostat, 40 Series Flowmaster Muffler with a "dump", rubber= 275-60-R15's all the way around, 3.42 gears

Future Mods- Jet underdrive pulleys, Stage III Port and Polish heads, Electric Fan, 3.73 gears, Hooker headers, B&M Electronic Shift Improver, drop 1 inch in the front and 2inches in the back, chromer front bumper, back rollpan, paint Onyx Black and put Chrome Camaro SS rims
1 - 2 of 2 Posts