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94-97 header on ebay

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no just sharing my findings.
I think I bid on that when it was first on there...cause I remember the guy who won it e-mailing me and saying it didn't fit his and asked if I wanted it.
well what do you think, should i offer the guy money for it???? is it worth what his selling price is? I need one anyways. I was wondering do most of the kits that are like on STS's site and stuff come with a down pipe like that???
does anyone on here have a header installed on their truck, i guess preferably a '94-'97. If so do you have pictures, and i wouldnt mind hearing how it does in the horsepower department.

maybe if it was armor coat but for a black coat you could get a new one for 144.95 plus shipping!plus anyways pacesetter sucks!!
If pacesetter sucks...give us an alternative
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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