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since orangesonoma went ahead and made the thread for the 98+ i figured id post this up for the 95-96 s10-/blazer's.

since the 98+ use an electronic flasher we with early 2nd gen trucks can not do this:
because the 95-97 flasher's are thermal flasher's.

so i went out and found a solution.

What i did was convert the thermal flasher to an electronic flasher.
this flasher is available here for only 18$ and some change:

its a No load flasher 2 pin.

anyways once you get this you will have to remove the two bolts hold the knee panel on under the steering wheel. once that is removed you shoudl be able to drop this down and you will find this under the radio

the black box on top is the siren for when you leave your lights on or leave your door open. you will see one silver relay on the left for the hazards and the same one on the right which is for the flasher.

remove the one on the right and replace it with the no load flasher.

test to see if you blinkers work correctly now with led's as your turn signals.

then simply bolt up the knee panel and your done.

shoudln't take more than ten minutes to do this process and its alot easier and cheaper to do this instead of placing resistors all over for each bulb.
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