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i scanned the code that popped up, turned out to be 172, running rich on bank 1, wtf does that mean? I replaced the o2 sensor the other day, no change, cleaned the egr, no change, replace the air filter, no change.. someone tell me what is next? so far i've been told spark plugs, injectors, wires, fuel filter... do any of those items even pertain to my problem?

gotta fix it this weekend, so someone help me out.

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after the 02 was replaced...was the computer reset?..

Also, make sure the wiring harness for the o2 sensor isnt damaged anywhere..as that can cause the code too..Other than that, anything id say would be a random guess without being able to look at the serial data off the scanner

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the computer has been reset mutiple times since the code first popped up, i disconnected the battery before i took the old o2 out.
i'm really not sure, i can read off everything the dyagnostic gave me.. here they are, just went and got em. hopefully it will help. this is an ezlink autoxray scanner, i'm not sure what those second sets of numbers are for, but they were on the lcd so i typed them also.

coolant temp: 174.6F
barometric pressure: 100kPa 24
EGR duty cycle: 0% 14
throttle angle: 0% 04
rich lean flag: rich 27
engine speed: 1030rpm 17
air to fuel mix: 14.5 07
a/c: not requested 30
start up coolant: temp 200.3F 20
blk lrn cell: 1 10
brake depressed: no 33
knock retard: 0degrees 23
desired idle: 725rpm 13
throttle sensor: 0.5 volts 03
learn control: disabled 26
02 cross counts: 1 16
vehicle speed: 0mph 06
hwy spark adv: active 29
fuel pump sense: 13.9volts 19
block learn: 123 09
battery voltage high: no 32
spark advance: 0degrees 22
oxygen sensor: 590 mVolts 12
battery voltage: 14.0 volts 02
oxygen sensor: not ready 25
idle air mtr pos: 41 steps 15
map sensor: 30 kPa 05
loop status: open 28
engine run time: 70 seconds 18
integrator: 128 08
battery voltage low: no 31
desired idle pos: 41 steps 21
injector pulse: 1.5mS 11

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went and got another reading today:

coolant temp: 190.8F
Barometric press: 101kPa
EGR duty cycle: 0%
throttle angle: 9%
rich lean flag: rich
engine speed: 2300rpm
air to fuel mix: 14.7
a/c: requested
start up coolant temp: 209.7F
blk lrn cell: 1
brake depressed: no
knock retard: 0degrees
desired idle: 725rpm
throttle sensor: 0.8 volts
learn control: enabled
02 cross counts: 41
vehicle speed: 2mph
hwy spark adv: active
fuel pump sense: 14.5 volts
block learn: 123
battery high voltage: no
spark advance: 0degrees
oxygen sensor: mVolts
battery voltage: 14.1volts
oxygen sensor: ready
idle air mtr pos: 51 steps
map sensor: 31kPa
loop status: closed
engine run time: 111 seconds
integrator: 124
battery voltage low: no
desired idle pos: 51 steps
injector pulse: 1.6ms

someone please decipher this and tell me what is wrong?!? :dunno: :wtf:

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i agree

Like the other guy said check wiring make sure there isn't a corroded wire or conn. in the conn. Then i'm not 100% sure but i do believe that the air to fuel ratio factory is supposed to be 14:1 i'm not sure that would solve anything but maybe. Check wiring, also what brand of O2 sensor did you use there are alot of shit sensors out there like standard, bosch. I"m not saying you have to use a AcDelco but then again it is the best quality so.

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Umm...seems to me like you have a vacuum leak of some sort...0% throttle and idling at 1030 with a temp reading of 174degrees...

The second one doesnt help much because with a 9% throttle input. it does have the block learn though..and at 123 which is just 1 point off of the 124 stoicho setting..it was either reset before those readings were taken, or the problem isnt very big..

Check the vacuum line going to the fuel pressure regulator..make sure the diaphram isnt leaking fuel into the line..other than that..i can only suggest checking all vacuum lines, intake manifold, etc for a leak..

a full temp (185+ degree coolant reading) at idle with no throttle input would help with further diagnostics..but even then, without being able to diagnose the truck myself, i can only throw out guesstaments as to what the problem is

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the reason its so hot is because I had just been driving around town, and the truck had only been shut off for a few minutes which didn't give it enough time to cool back down. But i'll check for vacuum leaks today, i checked the injectors and they seemed okay.

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double check the egr, mine was doing the same thing and it was hung open, cost me the main bearings before i figured it out!
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