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94 4.3 to SBC…

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Hey All,
Ok so this is where I am at… truck, engine lol. I believe I can use my transmission and I’m going carbureted as well. I’m bought the book from JTR which I’m waiting for and I know the answers are out here somewhere but I was hoping maybe someone would have some answers after 2013 lol.
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The alternative to the 4L60E and electronic shift harness would be to use a 92 -89 700R4 in it's place. That is controlled by a single cable from the throttle linkage. BUT it has to be installed and adjust correctly. If not correct the first time you try a burnout the trans will burn up. Not hard to do, just need to know how. Be careful if looking on You tube for info on it. not all the vids are 100% correct. Bowtie overdrives in Cali are the Guru's on TV (throttle valve) cables and 700R4's transmissions. The 700R4 were the predecessor to the 4L60E and will bolt right up to your engine and rear mount.
Are you starting to see why most swaps today, unless they are track only vehicles, go with fuel injection. A TBI 350 from an 88-95 C/K pickup, burb or van would eliminate the need to buy a trans or harness or fuel pressure regulator. That's what I put in 94 back in 2000 and drove it until 2016, when she succumbed to salt belt rust.
I took it up a notch by using a TBI 350 from a 9C1 Caprice squad car. You won't find one of those these days. Zero wiring or fuel mods.
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I actually passed on the 94 I went to buy it and said the **** with it… I want a square body so if I have to save more I will. In the meantime I can build the 91 305 HO for some small add ons just to make it a little more fun. I’m not racing the truck or anything so just want some rumble and a little more giddy up. So cam, carb, intake, possibly heads I made a post to see if they were worth it. S10 headers and clean it up and add some dressing to it and be good.
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