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I have a 94 modified s10. It was a 2.2 5 speed that had power steering. I believe it was a long bed(no bed on it when I paid $150 for the entire thing) .

The only thing that is stock at this point is the front IFS and the cab from the windshield up.

I have my oil pan set 5.5" off the ground and transmission 3.5" off the ground.
Motor mounts are built.
Building a transmission crossmember currently.

Once that mount is finished I will be building the custom crossover steering that will be using the stock spindles.

I want to rebuild the front suspension before doing the steering.
Now the A arms were easy enough to find. Thinking about going with the complete ones below through speedway. If these wont work please advise.

It seems spindles are all over the place with slight diffrences and prices that range.

I just want stock replacments.

Not 2" lower, 3" higher, or ones off a blazer or sr2 that may have a diffrent hole. Maybe stock ones off a G body will work and be easier to find?

I just want factory replacements that will bolt in place of my old ones. While I will pay what it cost I see the price ranges from $100 to $300 per side so before I waste cash I will ask here to make sure I don't end up with parts that won't fit.

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Don't think you'll find any new stock spindles. These trucks an G bodies have been out of production too long. A used set from the desert would probably be as good as new. Try a search of junkyards in AZ.
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