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93 Jimmy SAS

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This is my 1993 GMC Jimmy SLT 4X4
I have a few parts already. The rest are in the mail or being fabricated and then will be in the mail. I will try and be very transparent and clear on the parts im using and what i have done. Some things will be done after the majority of the swap is done (steering,shocks,add a leafs,ect...)

This will be spring over axle front and rear.

The parts list i have or have purchased and will be shipped shortly. Obviously incomplete.

Junkyard Dana30 HP 3.73 from a 95 YJ
Sky offroad design SAS kit
Sky offroad design transfer case mount
Extream terrain SOA Dana30 leaf pearches
Extream terrain Dana30 lower shock tabs
Front upper shock mount tabs ford f250
Astro box 2wd none sport suspension
Wagoneer front leaf springs 1034#
LKQ -S10 rear 3.73 axle GT4
JB SYE transfer case kit
Spartan front locker
Ballistic rear axle flip pearches
More steering correction stage 1

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Im on 31x10.50R15 the axle will be just fine. It will be in the sand and mud (No traction)as i live in Florida. We dont have rocks and high steep hills / mountains.

I figured for now i would do the "washer delete" just to get rid of that CAD thing similar to the axle disconnect on these trucks.
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There's 3 "C" clips, one on each side of the fork and one larger clip holding the shaft into the case. I pulled the two small ones first on the sides of the fork, then the big one so the shaft wouldn't slide around on me while using picks to get them out. I applied compressed air to the actuator ( one side pushes the other one pulls) to move it back and forth to make it easier to get to the clips. ( keep the opposite vacuum port aimed away from you, mine had debris in it and peppered my face) i pulled the shaft out and used a bushing washers to hold the fork over in the "locked" position, i put the 2 small C clips back on then the larger one. Slid the collar on the axle over to the locked position and popped the cover back on with the bolts hand tight. I didn't seal it up yet, as i still need to install the locker.

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I then started prepping for the SOA, cutting off the SUA leaf pearches and shock mount tabs. This will leave me with a clean surface to weld the new leaf pearches and lower shock tabs.
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Truck doesn't get driven much and this was done about 3 months ago for the engine and about a year ago for the transmission, i figured i would throw this in here just so its not brought up later by someone thinking im slacking lol.

Engine has about 1k miles on it from powertrain products. Its a 4.3L Vortec, everything stock and all Acdelco or Delphi sensors and bolt on parts. No pictures of the transmission install. Got incredibly lucky if you ask me on the transmission. I purchased it from Detroit axle, long story short, I thought it started going out about 9 months in. I didn't return my core that activates the 3 year warranty. Thought i would call and play dumb and see if i could get a replacement, found out their transmission department shut down for "revamping" and raised hell and got 75% of my money back harharhar. And my transmission issues are caused by my pins on the red and blue connectors being loose or corroded. Had starting issues too (no distributor signal/no power to ecm) and replaced the ecm thinking that was my intermediate issues. Started right up but i went to pick it up while it was running and it shut off. So i got a pigtail harness from the salvage yard from a virgin safari with the same plugs/pins. Soldered in 2 wires so far and the thing starts every time. It must be the same for the transmission issues because if i shut the truck off and unplug the ecu and then plug it back in my transmission has first gear (thats the issue, starts in second gear but shifts through the rest of the gears) but as soon as i put it in reverse and back to drive, it doesn't have 1st again. So ill be repining anything todo with the transmission solenoids and engine sensors that control transmission signals.

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Whole reason i am SAS the truck is because the last time i went out to Rancho Bonito i broke the front differential. Ordered a replacement and then it was damaged in shipping when it was a few citys away after getting to Florida from Missouri. Heres a few pictures of me having to winch out because 2low wasn't enough for the deep holes...
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Received the Wagoneer leaf springs for the front today and the dana30 SOA kit. The leaf springs have a peak height of 10" at the center pin and are dead on 44" long from the center of the shackle/hanger bolt holes. Figured this might help some people buying used / old leaf springs. These are the 6 pack 1,034# fronts. Ordered from rockauto.com, I may order a "add a leaf" set for these once i know the height it will sit at up front after they break in. Ill be flipping the center pins when i get closer to mounting the axle and pearches.

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The dana30 SOA kit from extreme terrain is definitely stout. The offset spring pearches will definitely come in handy swapping left to right or vice versa to get the 31.5 spring pin to spring pin center the sky offroad design spring hanger calls for. Im not sure about the 2 different Ubolt sizes yet until i know where i will be welding the pearches. One set does fit the axle tube perfectly and the other set does fit over the driver side pumpkin casting the other one fits perfectly over the CAD casting. I may have to get different plates and Ubolts if i have a wider stance on the leafs.

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Take a look around the jeep forums. You can run a later one piece shaft on the passenger side to eliminate that disconnect completely. I think you have to add an additional seal though.

Yeah i think it's a TJ shaft and the passenger side shaft seal, ill definitely do it if i break a shaft or that collar. Was also looking at the dana30 tube liners. I know these are the same tubes as a 44 im pretty sure and they are 1/4" Thick and adding the liner bumps it upto 1/2" thick. IMO thats better than a truss...
Received the Ballistic rear differential SOA pearches, I should have the 3.73 rear differential tomorrow between 8 and 12. The pearches are definitely builders parts seeing how i have to finish welding them myself. I also got my Spartan lunch box locker. I installed it correctly i did have some issues with one side the 2 springs and pens the pens didn't move in and out of the bore hardly at all. I took a metal wire reamer to the bores and put the pens in the vice and took some Emory cloth to them. Made sure they slide in and out of the bores freely before i assembled the locker in the carrier.

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FML i just got this off the truck its from a 97 2wd. Width is way to short... SMH... Anyone known if the ring and pinion will fit my 93 4wd?
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Okay so some good news about the rear differential. I got it from LKQ, so they will return it to the local LKQ in tampa im just losing my shipping i paid and they could have one for me thats 4x4 width and 3.73 so thats kinda good news for me. Waiting on a RA code to my email then ill try and get them to pull the correct one local to me so i can get it the same time i drop this one off.

I did get my JB super short GM SYE it looks super stout!! Excited about this for sure!!

I am having some difficulties with my rebuilt 4L60E. I had like 5 codes the day before yesterday. Repinned a bunch of wires at the blue connector at the ecm. I got it down to 1 code now. Its throwing a code for the 2-3 solenoid. So i have a new harness, and solenoids will be here tomorrow, i also just got a neutral switch and pan with a drain finally. So sick of no drain in these pans...in hopes it will be okay after these fixes. If not its going to a shop after the straight axle conversion. Trucks not shifting out of 2nd and 3rd if you were wondering...
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Make sure it’s a normal 4x4 rear, Zr2 rears are even wider.

This ones like 48" 2wd dust shield to dust shield. Mine on my truck is 53" 4x4 dust shield to dust shield. Your saying the zr2 is wider then 53"? If i knew the ring gear and pinion was the same 93 to 97 i might swap pinion and ring gears to mine but i would have to set the thing up correctly and it looks like a PITA.
I just found one in Riverview not to far from me. Its a 95 blazer 4x4 3.73 GT4. Paid for it over the phone. They are pulling it and i should be able to pick it up Friday. I got my RA from LKQ so ill drop off the 2wd rear i just got today and pickup the 4wd on my way back from Tampa. I was stressing out big time. I'm a pretty good mechanic but all that shit about preload and backlash and shims and races and setup bearings and pullers and presses was just to much detail for me when i can just buy the differential ready to go in besides me cutting off and welding on new pearches and shock tabs. I dont know if its posi or govlok or open, whatever the slang is ill pull my carrier and swap ring gears or just get a lunchbox locker for the rear too. Way easier if you ask me.
It's more than likely going to have a gov-lock in it with those 3:73 gears. I also have two different size U-bolts on my dana 44. Just one is bigger than the others 3 though. The ZR2 rear is 63 WMS also.

Is the G80 different? My truck has the G80 RPO but is 3.43 so i couldn't use it unless i regeared the D30. Plus i wanted alittle better ratio. Thinking about putting my carrier in the differential im about to get friday and just swap ring gears. Ill check the backlash and if its not to bad just run it.
Got the 2 solenoids put in. Swapped the manifold switch and did the servo and pen and new pan with a drain... lord mercy getting that pen right ain't something i recommend doing on your shop floor. I got it right at 80-85 thousandths of travel. Having a beer and a publix sub then testing the TPS and swaping the ignition position switch. I did start it even though i only had a little less than a gallon of transmission fluid. Didn't have a CEL for the 10 seconds it ran. Going to pick some up here shortly after i do the TPS and switch. If this isn't it im taking it to a transmission shop aftet the SAS and getting it right, maybe wherever i take it will also do driveshafts. I definitely want to double cardan the front shaft and most likely the rear too. I got the 2wd differential dropped off at LKQ this morning and should have my refund within 5 days. Tomorrow im calling the salvage yard to see if they got the 4wd rear differential pulled for me. Thats all i got for now. Im open to all questions and criticism and answers don't be a stranger yall.

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Picked up the 3.73 rear differential this afternoon. Looks like it has some type of locker in it and ill have to see what type it is. Its 53" dust shield to dust shield. Gonna seal it back up and cut the pearches off and then knock the loose stuff off of it and get it primered up.

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G80 Gov Lock
NICE!! so i lucked out on this deal. Got the whole axle for 300. I just got the pearches cut off and smoothed out. To late tonight to fire up the pressure washer. So tomorrow ill knock the loose stuff off and primer it. Ill also order new brake cylinders, springs, shoes. Hopping my old drums work. Im not sure if the sizes changed up 93 to 95.
Pearches off and primed the axle. My high steer kit gets here the 19th i believe. I ordered the sky offroad design sas kit last month and it still hasn't even shipped... getting frustrated but i dont want to piss them off and cancel my order or half *** the kit. So im patiently waiting still. Thats the last kit im waiting for to actually start cutting the truck up and mounting the front axle. It was literally the first thing i ordered for this swap and will be the last to arrive. I understand a 2 to 3 week wait for shipping but not a month...

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Got the high steer kit. With that gold zinc coat for that ass ayyyy. Still waiting on sky offroad design. They said they are working hard to get all of November's orders shipped this week...
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Just got all the rear drum brake rebuild parts.
Cylinders, shoes, springs, adjusters. And front pads. I think the calipers and rotors are okay for the front that i have. If not ill get new ones. Also got the correct OHM (10-15) 3-2 downshift solenoid. Late last night sky offroad design provided a tracking number finally. Hopefully the SAS hanger and crossmember was picked up today. Looks like i should start this swap right after Christmas as soon as I receive it!

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Picked up all these bits and taps the instructions call for the steering correction kit. Figured i would use all new stuff so i dont screw that part up.

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Finished up the knuckles today for the high steer kit. They are taped up and primer is drying. Tomorrow ill paint everything black thats ready to be. It was super easy just follow the instructions and i had no problem using a regular drill and a vise, without using a drill press. The sky design kits in Oregon on its way... finally. Waiting on some ebay axle tube seals for the end of the tubes right at the knuckles before i assemble this thing for the last time.
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Hmm... I would want to weld that bracket to the knuckle instead of relying on bolts holding it to a non-machined surface.

Maybe i will if i see it being an issue. For now I'm getting it together. Wont be hard to throw some glue down with it in the truck. I cant find any post or reviews saying the bracket bent or broke with just the bolts in it.
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