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93 Jimmy SAS

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This is my 1993 GMC Jimmy SLT 4X4
I have a few parts already. The rest are in the mail or being fabricated and then will be in the mail. I will try and be very transparent and clear on the parts im using and what i have done. Some things will be done after the majority of the swap is done (steering,shocks,add a leafs,ect...)

This will be spring over axle front and rear.

The parts list i have or have purchased and will be shipped shortly. Obviously incomplete.

Junkyard Dana30 HP 3.73 from a 95 YJ
Sky offroad design SAS kit
Sky offroad design transfer case mount
Extream terrain SOA Dana30 leaf pearches
Extream terrain Dana30 lower shock tabs
Front upper shock mount tabs ford f250
Astro box 2wd none sport suspension
Wagoneer front leaf springs 1034#
LKQ -S10 rear 3.73 axle GT4
JB SYE transfer case kit
Spartan front locker
Ballistic rear axle flip pearches
More steering correction stage 1

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It's more than likely going to have a gov-lock in it with those 3:73 gears. I also have two different size U-bolts on my dana 44. Just one is bigger than the others 3 though. The ZR2 rear is 63 WMS also.
Another thing to keep in mind is that those Wagoneer springs are not centered. One side is longer than the other. If you set the springs in place with the short side (26 inch) forward and later you need more firewall clearance you just turn the springs around and you pickup 5 inches because the long side is (31 inch).
That's possible, my bad. I thought I was measuring a front. I'm going to try and send you a copy of those hub adapters I was talking about so you can see what they look like.
1 - 3 of 95 Posts