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i have a p.o.s jvc deck mated to a nice little alpine amp running (ease up on the laughing here..) a 10" jensen in a truck box and an 8" bazooka tube. it's not the greatest set up but it still allows me to stuff one person in the back. i wanted 2 10"s but didn't want to sacrifice the space back there. the noise outside the truck is minimal, but it still pounds good enough inside.
i haven't gotten to the hurting stock speakers yet.

would you guys recommend going with a speaker size different from stock? those 4x6s and 4x10 are a little hard to find(i know crutchfield used to sell them..)

as for the body work: the box i'm planning to put on needs some work above one of the fenders and the bottoms of the doors are a little rough, too.
i'm in the middle of trying to replace a dented fender but i can't seem to find that one last bolt holding it on.

paint: who knows..

i've been looking into upgrading the brakes. any thoughts on these?


i might drop it more when i get a better wheel and tire combo.
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