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Hello everyone, this my 1st post here. I live in Conroe, Tx., just a
little north of Houston.
Now, on to my problem; I've a '92 4-door blazer that I really like, but I've
got a problem with the digital dashboard display. Its completely out
except for the speedometer. It started a while back & sometimes the
display would come back on for 3 or 4 months & then go out again.
Yesterday, I took the truck to work, because our TV weathermen here
can't predict what going on with the weather. I come home for lunch &
get ready to go back, stop at my mailbox & when I get back in the display
is working. When I finish work, I add a little water to the radiator
while the truck is running. I get back in & its turned black again.
Anyone here have any ideas on what may be going on ? I'm kinda
thinking maybe a loose plug or connection of some type. Also, how hard
& much work is there to pull the display panel out & see if ican spot
something or maybe an eventual replacement.
Is there any place on the web that may have instructions or diagrams
on this or maybe a sticky here on this board ?
Anyway, any comments or advice would be helpful & appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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How ya doing and welcome to the site..This link here might be just what you

If you pull the headlamp control head off the left side of the dash and
pull the heater/a-c head as far out as possible on the right side,
you'll see 4 nuts towards the base. There are 10mm. These hold
the dash assy in place. You'll also want to be careful if you have
the little shift indicator in the lower right corner of the dash telling
you what gear you're in if an auto. There is a thin string/wire that
is clipped on to the gear selector towards the right bottom. Unclip
this. If not you'll break the wire and won't be able to tell what gear
you're in if you have this setup. Just take your time and it should
come out.

Here's a lousy picture.

The mounting nuts I'm refereeing to is part num 10. You'll need a 6"
extension and a deep 10mm socket to get them off.
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