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I am having problems with my 91 Bravada. I transplanted a 94 CPI engine into it and am trying to run with a 92 CPI wiring harness. I do not have a 4L60E and don't want the headache of the newer harness and computer without the tranny.
I have performed the fuel line mods and upgraded to a CPI fuel pump. I have spark but not much fuel pressure at the test nozzle. I have tried a new 92 computer but had no luck.
When I turn the ignition to on I have no fuel pump noise. It kicks in after the oil pressure switch turns it on during cranking. I have only changed the wiring to the firewall plug opposite the fuse box.
My question is will a 94 computer and wiring harness work without the 4L60 plugged in?
Or does anybody know what the difference is between the pinouts on the 92, 94 computers are? Maybe the engine sensors have different resistance tolorances? :( Any help appreciated.
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