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1992 4.3l 2wd ex cab
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So I want to lift this thing the right way, (No body lift) and have been searching here, Google and Facebook and haven't found many options. I guess kits don't exist for these things anymore. I've only found some 3" spindles and shackles for the back but, I would like to get some extended control arms to sit a little wider upfront. Also, this thing has been sitting for awhile (year or so) and hasn't ran. Apparently just needs a battery. What precautions should I take before turning it over? Any information, suggestions, or links would be greatly appreciated.

Side note, I'm going for a "prerunner" look so a little taller upfront then the back to fit a 32"-33" tire.

New member and glad to be here. I have alot of ambitions going into this so should see alot more in the future.
How she sits now👇

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