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91 S10 blazer High idle in park

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I’ve replaced the IAC, the whole throttlebody the MAP and I have sorta checked for vacuum leaks. But it idles high in park 80% of the time. But in all fairness I don’t have any exhaust after my cat . So I’m missing an O2 I’m about to replace that with this coming paycheck . But I’m wondering if anyone has any ideas tho
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It would only have O2 before cat(s). CEL should be on if you don't have any. In that case it wouldn't run properly if at all. Mo info on combo mite be helpful.
I bought it with the exhaust missing from the Cat back. I just assumed it would have one after the cat I need to check into it. When I plugs a reader on it. It blinked 1-2 but I don’t believe it lol. I’m going to go thru it today and really really check for vacuum leaks everywhere I can think of. But I’ll be reading any suggestions you guys post as well and checking them too
I’ve went over the line and gaskets , repair the leaks and repaired a wire to the iac and boom she is idling perfect now
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