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thinking to swap 2.8 T.B.I into 4.3 vortec

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i have a 91 single cab shortbox s-10 that came stock with a 2.8 tbi v6 with a 5 speed manual transmistion.. i recently bought a 91 four door chevy blazer with an automatic 4.3 vortec that had been wrecked for the motor that is in it, it was wrecked in the front so the only things i have to buy is the radiator and water pump and new fan.

i want to place the 4.3 into my pickup but i also want to keep my standard tranny.. im not the brightest bulb in the box so i dont know much.. i have put in many carburated motors in but never one with a computer..

so i can guess in end i was looking for advise to see what i would need and what i could use from the pickup and/or blazer to make the swap work..

Anything helps :):):):)
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