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91' 2/3 Drop Questions

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Hey guys I'm looking to do a 2/3" drop on my 91' 350 SBC and eventually 5.3 LS swapped S10. Unfortunately, I only have enough money to buy nice shocks/springs or a nice lowering kit. Could I get away with getting a cheap lowered spindle and block kit, and spend good money on the shocks/springs? I probably need new leaf springs as well. I'm leaning towards cheaping out on everything except the shocks, springs, and possibly leaf springs. Let me know what you guys think or if you have any good kits in mind. Currently looking at Belltech but I'm open to other brands.
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Since you already have more go, you might consider more whoa. Late model Blazer brakes a a pretty good improvement. Of course you'll need the Blazer spindles, which can be had with a 2" drop also.
Are you talking about a rear disc brake conversion? or just the Blazer front spindles? Didn't know those could work.
Thanks guys I appreciate the info, got this thing in a trade so I’m still learning a lot about it.
I thought my truck was sitting a lot lower than it actually is. Did some more research, and think I can get away with 2-inch drop spindles and 2-inch lowering springs. I'll probably do a 4-inch block in the rear. Thinking about getting this Here. The one thing I'm debating is doing 1-inch lowering springs in the front because the heavy small block might lower it more than expected. Doesn't seem like much of an issue since springs are so cheap.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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