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89 s10 Blazer 4.3 4wd auto $700 Seattle area

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Has around 160k. Been sitting for a year or so, Parked it when the front brakes started squealing and haven't messed with it. Front driveshaft for 4x4 is taken out. The bearings failed. But no damage just needs new ones and it'll work fine. Still drives 2wd. But I wouldn't daily it until the brakes are fixed. The radio quit working a while back too. headliner drooping...Non matching tailgete because I'm an idiot...No rust! But everything else works fine.

You will be jumping it I'm not going to go out there and start it just to say RUNS N DRIVES!. It's a good truck.clean title.

Located In Bremerton,WA
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Forgot, needs a passenger door handle.
Best not to post your email address. They can contact you here, in your thread, or by pm.
Good point thanks for removing it man.
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