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Not sure how prevelant this problem is, but the joint on the steering shaft right where it exits the firewall is a really crappy design.

I've seen a few now (wreckers etc) that were crapped out.

Since a replacement shaft assembly is ~$300usd (ouch!) and it'll probably just croak again, I decided to fix the problem today.

I modified the bottom half of the S-10 shaft, and mated it to the top half of a Fiero steering shaft (which uses a proper U-joint instead of the whatever-the-hell-it-is on the S10).

Pretty much a matter of splitting the S10 shaft at the slip joint.
Cutting it down by about 6" (not exact!).
Chopping the Fiero shaft about 2" from the bottom (not exact!).
Then just slipping the two together.

Anyhow, my steering is MUCH tighter now, and no longer rattles (as it's done for the last 10+ years!).

If anyone needs more details, I'll try...
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