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So, my beater is a 1985 4 speed S-10.

I happen to have a 99 S-15 Highrider... the lifted S-15. It got wrecked to the point that it can't be fixed, and it is being thought of as a donor for my S-10, which has brought me such pleasure and joy.


I REALLY need some questions answered. PLEASE help.

Question 1.) What mounts are needed to make the new motor work?

Question 2.) Will the 99 S-15 master cylinder and booster work in place of the NON-POWER BRAKE setup on my shitbox 85 S-10?

Question 3.) Will the transmission mounts work on the 85... from manual to auto?

Question 4.) Will the suspension work from my 99 4x4 Highrider to my 85 S-10 (I really wouldn't mind making it taller... 4x4 or not. I just think it would be a fun project).

ANY help would be appreciated, MUCHO. Thanks!

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actually, yes. to all the above, but you will have to be willing to do a shit load of work.
1. measure up everything on the 4x4 and then on the 2x4
2. compare and see what the differences are
3. strip down the 4x4 taking off everything you want to put on your truck
4. take the entire front end off of the s10, finders radiator support (everything)
5. keeping in mind the measurements from 2 get down to the nity grity of the
closest 1/32 of and inch just kidding. map out the measurements from the 4x4
to the now bare frame of the truck. hopefully they were not to far off.
6. now the next question is IFS indepent front suspension for the 4x4 will also
have to be put on this so make sure to keep all the parts with the side it came
off of it will make it more simple later in this post......
7. take the motor mounts and get those mounted to the frame. it might take
some bracket making/welding but these need to be damn near as perfect as
you can get them. Making sure they are aligned, correct heigth, everything.
8. now that you have the mounts on stuff the engine/tranny use a floor jack on
the back of the tranny so adjusting the height is a snap. bolt the eng down
9. now for the tranny mount. mount it to the the tranny and jack the jack up until
the crossmember is touching the frame. holes will more than likely not line up
since the 2x4 does not have a tranny. not a problem take the mounting bolts
and get some nuts that will fit the bolt. since the frame on s10s are not boxed
in drill the holes where the mounts line up with the frame. use another bolt
is just a junky extra and stick it through the hole and thread the nut until it is
flush with the end of the bolt. all the bolt is doing is aligning so you can weld
the nut the the inside of the frame. you could just bolt it on but i perfer the
welding it is stronger.
10. mount the tranny and xfer case. if it is stick then don't mount the tranny yet
measure from the doner the dimens for the holes for the shifters and measure
on the 2x4 and cut the holes. better to be a little small on the holes to try
it first it is easier to cut more and replace what is gone.
10b. if it is all auto/ push button then just mount it. rigging the shift is easy.
11. now half the battle is over and you can start with the suspension. this is a
little more tricky because both sides have to be dead on or you will have
issues on down the line. since it requires the front suspension to work with
the alignment from the front drive shafts measure it as many times as you
need until you are sure the alignment is right then mount the upper and
lower control arms and shock mounts and install the hubs and what not
12. with the finders and everything off already makes this alot easier. drop the
steering colum and chuck it to the side you will need the one from the 4x4
since the computer from the 99 with have to be used for engine/tranny
management. any way install the unit into the 2x4 may as well take out the
dash first by the way. with it just sticking through the fire wall make sure it
bolt up with out modification to the firewall/dash support if so awsome.
13. now take the entire wire harness from the 4x4 and lay it out over the basic
area you took it from on the 99. and the harness from the inside and lay it
out as it would go. go ahead at this point mount all the wiring in the cab of
truck using everything from the 99. the instrument cluster will not work in
85 but dont worry about that yet. with that all done hook up the steering
14. with the steering hooked up hook up the shifting linkage if its a auto. some
mods will have to be mad more than likely. if its too long shorten it, too short
make it longer not a problem at all.
15. if it was a manual then just bolt the shifters on ect ect ect
16. install the exhaust manifolds/headers and y pipe.
17. now since you already have the steering done the brakes will be not too
hard to do. mark out the fire wall where the brake pedal linkage will be
aligned and cut, fit test, mark mounting hole location, remove, drill and
18. now that is done install the support, and outter/inner finders and lay out the
wiring and install it.
19. put the rest of the components in the engine bay and under the hood you are
pretty much done. now take the instrument cluster from the 99 and hook it
up and just set it there for now. with all wiring, fuel lines hooked up put
the key in and turn it to on and let the fuel pump prime it. pump the pedal
and start her up.
20. since you want the power brakes do a rear end swap and you have power
brakes all the way around.
21. he drive shaft will bolt right in if the lengths were the same if not you can
it cut down or extended for not very much money. let the pros do that
too risky to try your self.
22. with all the stuff done out side just modify you dash to house the instrument
cluster from the 99. a little bit of thin wood, a brad gun or screws if
you don't have the gun and a cheap fiber glass kit from walmart.
some patience and working it to make the dash look right. some bondo
also from walmart after to sand the fiber glass, apply apply the bondo
and sand and finish it with wat ever color paint you want and install.
23. not too hard seems intaled but if you have another car you already driving
anyway then why not do it the 85 will keep on running along.

shit then why not go ahead and replace/ fix up the body and get it painted.
if this makes no sense or you think i am a dumb ass sorry but i have done it
so just tring to help. my brother still drives the truck today.
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