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So, my beater is a 1985 4 speed S-10.

I happen to have a 99 S-15 Highrider... the lifted S-15. It got wrecked to the point that it can't be fixed, and it is being thought of as a donor for my S-10, which has brought me such pleasure and joy.


I REALLY need some questions answered. PLEASE help.

Question 1.) What mounts are needed to make the new motor work?

Question 2.) Will the 99 S-15 master cylinder and booster work in place of the NON-POWER BRAKE setup on my shitbox 85 S-10?

Question 3.) Will the transmission mounts work on the 85... from manual to auto?

Question 4.) Will the suspension work from my 99 4x4 Highrider to my 85 S-10 (I really wouldn't mind making it taller... 4x4 or not. I just think it would be a fun project).

ANY help would be appreciated, MUCHO. Thanks!
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