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I have a stock 2.2 engine now and I want to upgrade to a 6cylinder engine. (dont want 8 because of gas milage). whats the best engine to use, and is there anything that will let me keep my tranny? I have very little money (work 15 hours a week at mc d's) so I want to do this the cheapest way possilbe?

I had someone tell me that I could get a chevy 3.8 and it would bolt up the the tranny and all other parts. Therefor being alot cheaper, anyone ever done this or seen it done?

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Heres a list:
Wiring Harness
Throttle Body
Plug Wires
Exhaust manifolds or headers
All accessories i.e. Waterump, alternator, exc...
Motor Mounts
Shift Linkage
I am sure there r a few samall things i am missin here but anyways most all these parts can be found at www.car-part.com need anymore help let me know
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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