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$50 Amazon Gift Card Give Away!!!

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Hello everyone!
We are thrilled to announce a giveaway for a $50 Amazon e-gift card!

To enter, simply reply to this thread with your response to the following question:

How would you spend a $50 Amazon gift card?

To be entered in the drawing you will need to provide direct links to the products on your list in order for your post to be considered!

On February 1st we will do a random drawing to select the winner. The winner will have a few days to message this account with their information (following the announcement) or another random winner will be selected.

Let us know what you would purchase if given the $50 Amazon e-Gift Card! Head to amazon.com to get started!

👀Please Read Before Posting!👀
Direct links to Amazon items must be posted in order to be considered.
Canada and US gift cards will be given.
The Amazon Gift cards can only be used for North American Amazon purchases.

Responses to this thread should be limited to entering the giveaway.

Thank you for giving our little give away a shot! And good luck!

~Community Management Team
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Hello again Amazon giveaways days
If I won again, I'd stack it toward the "stop alerting the neighborhood I'm currently turning society" as they already attempt to fine my beautiful S10 for not "being a new McClaren" every chance they get. And bring an "eye sore". So quieting her down might just pay a lot more than 50$ in less HOA complaints. I also change my oil every 2500, so oil is always 👍

Some people say Castrol gtx, I disagree 100% edit: on MY motor

And I can always use vitamins as prescription for my a's,as, and all the others are dumb expensive so I Amazon all but my horse sized folic and one of my A's already.. but good old multi's are a "make sure I overdose vitamins" everyday safeguard for my issues

Makes it easy to take on top of my 3 and 6TAD, regiment lololol
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You can tape them to your chin.
Or his civic
I could use a tank of gas...

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Rick, I don't think amazon sells old 76 gas...but IF THEY DID!?? Yeah I'll take that 3/4 or so tank worth as well lol
I mean, without an Amazon link, your post is as useless as mine....
I PM'd him an example..here's to hoping he checks his inbox
I'm going to guess fuel line
Ahhhh. Yup, bet your 💯 lol..here i was looking for a rasp to drag across my wife's floor to make a gif...she thanks you lol
1 - 6 of 36 Posts
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