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#5 is alive.

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Hey guys, i've been on the forum for several years and now i think its time to properly introduce myself with a build thread. First, a little background. My name is Brandon and i've been mostly lurking the forum for the past 6 years. Ive owned 5 s-series trucks so far, hence the thread title and the avatar. Im more of a reader than a poster, but im pretty knowlegable about these trucks and if anyone ever has any questions feel free to ask. Enough talk, picture time.

My first vehicle, 96 blazer 2dr, 2wd

Sold the blazer for my first true love, 95 2wd 4.3 auto

She didnt stay that way for long...

And unfortunately didnt stay that way for very long either... saddest day ever

Then i got this piece of junk...hated it. good riddance. 2.2 5 speed 2wd

Next was probably the nicest of the bunch, 03 zq8 4.3 auto

And now, number 5, 98 sonoma 4x4, auto

This last truck ive got big plans for hence this build thread.
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So far i haven't done anything much to the truck aside from a new windshield and a good cleaning. Ive been mostly stocking up on parts and everything is going to officially begin on saturday. This is what ive got/ ordered so far.

-Complete s10 front end
-New hood, fenders, fleetside bed, and two doors with power locks windows and mirrors, all in pewter, so i plan on painting the cab and tailgate pewter so it all matches.
-nearly complete xtreme kit (need a front passenger flare)

-double din bezel swap
-single 12" in a sealed box

Wheels, Suspension and Steering
-Qa1 Coilover front suspension (same as acehaag setup)
-3" belltech leafs
-2" blocks
-Monroe air shocks in the rear
-C5 Magnesium Wheels 17"/18" Staggered set (trying to line up 2 more 18's)
-front and rear swaybars from a 4dr 4x4 blazer
-full steering assembly replacement + balljoints
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If anyone is interested, nearly every body piece is for sale including the wheels. Pretty much everything but the cab and the tailgate. I will post a formal for sale ad in the classifieds on Saturday after I get everything pulled off. Pm me if interested and I can get back to you with more info and prices.
Why is there a Chevy hood on the GMC?
Because Sonoma hoods are ugly :p

Seriously though I think it was in an accident before I bought it and that's what the previous owner out on it.
Btw I like you blazer white, looks good with that roof rack!
How much would you let the bumper grill and lights go for?
Thanks man haha really thinking of doing the gmc front end though
Pm sent
Well made some progress on saturday, but nowhere near what i had hoped. It was an uphill battle the whole way, i think i had to cut out half of the bolts i tried to remove. And whatever those clip things that gm uses instead of nuts are the dumbest things ever... Anyway we got the bed swapped and the rear frame undercoated when the bed was off, and also swapped the doors fenders, hood, wheels, and front end. the front end needs to be better aligned and i will probably have to take the fenders back off because there seems to be something pushing both of them out but i ran out of time and my parents wouldnt let me leave my truck in the garage overnight... heaven forbid my mom cant park in the garage for one whole night lol. Im still waiting on my coilover sleeves to get here before i can tackle the suspension, and im getting a ws6 steering box on monday so ill tackle the steering assembly as soon as i get that. Anyway here are the (not very good) pictures of the progress so far.

Undercoated the frame real quick.

No more sonoma, now shes an s10!
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Got the pictures to work i think
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Took some better pictures last night after work.
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Some dings and dents and the driver rear corner was messed up. Not a bad bed, but definitely a 10 footer. I picked the pewter one up pretty cheap and the only part that's a little messed up on it will be covered up by the xtreme kit, so not having to do any bodywork or having to paint it was well worth it.
obviously could see any dings in the pic, and didnt see the other damage, just wondering, I'm kinda in parts collection mode at the moment and my bed was TRASHED
Sent you a pm tmatkins
Small update, I put my xtreme valance on and test fitted a fender flare. I'm hoping to start on the suspension theirs afternoon and have it finished Saturday. Oh and I installed my Monroe air shocks, love those things!

My wife says my truck looks like its painted iron man colors lol.
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Tons of progress in a short time. Nice looks like you got a good jump on things. Will look better with it dropped but why a 4x4? Not trying to be dumb but just wondering why you are doing a xtreme conversion and lowering a 4x4?
There are several reasons why I chose this path. First is so I can still drive a lowered truck through winter and if I need a little extra traction I can use the 4x4. The second reason is that eventually I want to throw in a lm4 or a l33 and convert the 4x4 to awd. The reason for the xtreme kit is for one I love the way they look and two it will help the truck look a little lower because being that I'm limited with how far I can lower it and I'm worried it won't look low enough.
surprised it hasn't been said yet.. DS headlight is in wrong :haha:
He headlight could probably use a little adjustment, but I don't think it's in wrong. I think it's the grill that needs to come up about half an inch. How I'm going to get it to do that though is a mystery to me since there is no adjustment. This truck was wrecked previously and I didn't find out until after I bought it how much it tweaked the front end.
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