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5.7 vortec engine swap questions.

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Howdy howdy. I’ve heard that swapping a 5.7 vortec into my 96 4.3 is a really easy swap (well as easy as swapping an engine gets) does anybody know what is the biggest cam I can throw into an l31 without needing a tune? I heard I can put an lt1 cam and get like 10-20 horsepower and around 20 pounds of torque but I’d like to go a bit bigger if possible. Second question how do I do the wiring? I have 0 clue what to do for that. Is it also possible to swap it in without having to shorten the driveshaft? Thank you guys so much for putting up with my repetitive questions you’ve probably heard thousands of times
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good used LT4 96 or so vette cam works great and cheap.
Does it need tuning though? They’re pretty aggressive cams I thought. It’s not really in my plans for my rig to do tuning, not right now anyway.
Any cam change should be followed by a good dyno tune. You're leaving power on the table if you don't do it. Heck even your stock engine will pickup power with a tune. Not a mail order one, a real one done on a chassis dyno.
Granted they aren't cheap, but you are not only buy the tuners labor, you're buying his knowledge and experience. It would be beneficial to probably do a 0411 swap at the same time as the engine. They are more tuneable than the black boxes. Especially the early ones like 96.
I don’t even know if there’s any dynotuners where I live, if there’s is it’s gonna be really expensive that’s why I’m so hesitant on it. I would not even doubt it if it’s around 1000$+. What vehicles did the 0411 computers come in? I know they came in the later s10’s which I might be able to get one for free but then I’d hate to pay for the reprogramming. This is a budget build and I have the usual highschooler budget
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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